Guangzhou Xuelei Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise who specializes in researching, developing, producing and selling all kinds of perfumes. Currently we have 4 brands and over 500 varieties. Our registered trademarks are “Meidun”, “Xuelei”, “Lonkoom” and “Lok”. As a perfume technology company, we have a group of professional essence and spicery technicians. Moreover, close cooperation with international fragrance companies have been established and various kinds of advanced techniques had been realized in our manufacture.Our Lonkoom perfume boasts of high quality and keeps pace with the international trend. The fragrances of Lonkoom series are unique and particular. With fresh and fashionable designs, Lonkoom is developed especially for modern confident ladies and gentlemen. To expand our market, we established our shop in Dubai for all middle east and african customers. From 2004, Lonkoom exploited the international market with its persistent brand and style, which expresses its elegant, vogue and unique character, noble but vigorous, simple but romantic. We are expecting to achieve development together with our customers so as to develop Lonkoom as a world-famous brand.