Hangzhou’s color printing technology co., LTD is a professional modern enterprise, the company covers an area of more than three thousand square meters, has a professional design team and has a number of highly qualified professional printing technology backbone and management personnel, and has constantly introduced many sets of brand-new Heidelberg, Germany presses, gaobao printing machine, Japanese komori four open, off four-color printing presses, five-color printing machine, 5 to 6 + 1 + 1 printing machine, printing machine; And supporting a series of perfect post-process equipment: automatic sewing machine, automatic plastic loading machine, folding machine, laminating machine, automatic die-cutting machine, bronzing machine, UV machine, automatic box adhesive machine, etc., in order to adapt to the modern world printing trend. Professional design and printing of all kinds of color printing, such as company profile, picture album, brochure, hardcover book, product catalog, books and magazines, color page leaflet, poster, POP flag, cover, handbag and high-grade color paper box, hardcover box, gift box, cosmetics packaging box