Dated from 1979, ROBAM (stock code: 002508) has precipitated deeply in kitchen appliances industry for 42 years specialized in the production of range hood, gas hob, sterilizer, electric oven, steam oven, micro oven, dishwasher, water purifier and other household kitchen appliances. ROBAM is global leader company of high-end kitchen appliances which has kept the record of NO.1 in global sales of range hoods and build-in hobs for 6 consecutive years. Win over 60 design awards across the world including German Red Dot design award, America IDEA design award , IF design award and Japanese GDA. Furthermore, ROBAM gain more than 1000 core patents by virtue of strong technological strength.ROBAM has the top precision manufacturing workshop in the industry including Salvanini flexible sheet metal production line, full automatic manufacturing, testing equipment, transportation equipment and storage equipment. ROBAM also own the first digital intelligent manufacturing base, as well as intelligent pilot enterprise selected by MIIT, helps to realize the deep integration of industrial internet automation and informatization.ROBAM has obtained 155 international product certifications and sell well all over the world including United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Dubai, India, Pakistan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and South Africa etc.Robam has carried out comprehensive transformation and upgrading of digital intelligent manufacturing base. This progress takes digitization, gridding method, intelligence as the main line bringing into full play of 5G,cloud computing and AI in the manufacturing industry. Robam build the first unmanned factory with an area of 50,000 square meter, which helps to realize the deep integration of industrial internet automation and informatization.ROBAM adheres to the brand concept of ”Create a new kitchen of the world”, trying to be a one-stop solution provider of high-end kitchen appliances in the globe. And create all the good aspiration of human beings for kitchen life.