HCNT Technology was founded in 1999 in the city of Shenzhen, China by Mr. Robert Wang, an electronics engineer. We are specialists in the manufacture of ‘electromagnetic levitating globes,’ being the first manufacturer to apply magnetic suspension to craft products and advertising displays and to mass-produce them here in China.Our website:www.hcnt.cnWe have a very strong R&D team, who draw their inspiration from developments in advanced technology. Our technological research center is based in Wuhan Chian, where there are twelve renowned electromagnetic levitation specialists and engineers. A recent development from this team has been the design, development and production of mini LED night-lights and LED displays, started this year in 2004.The range of our edge light products of floating globes covers many different items. Some of our chief export destinations include Top-Grade, Superlines, Fascinations and Strong Idea. These international companies have given us a firm grounding in trade abroad and we can now offer services beyond the supply of our own range. We at HCNT Technology will design and manufacture products to customer specifications should our customers not find among our range the exact products they require. We urge those who wish to find out more about this service to contact us soon as we are eager to discuss your requirements.As we are a leading and long standing manufacturer, exporting levitating products from China, we can guarantee you will be supplied with the best quality products at the most competitive prices and a reliable service as well as the fastest lead times. We look forward to your correspondence and the possibility of forging strong links with clients from around the world.