Beekeeping has been in the Lewis family for three generations.We started of as a father (Gary Lewis)and son (Kevin) team selling Hive products and Beekeeping tools in 1984, from our home in the Chinese borders.The Lewis family has been involved in the supply of beekeeping equipment and honey products since Kevin’s grandfather started making comb foundation in 1913. Kevin’s father, Gary Lewis took over the company from his father in 1958, and was involved until 1984 when Kevin took over part of the company. Kevin has been operating from their offices and warehouse in China mainland, Hong Kong, Hamburg, and Chicago.I (Kevin) started bee keeping at the age of 17, having inherited three WBC hives from my uncle.
            These days, work keeps me hopping between Asia and home. But fortunately I have an understanding father to help when I am out station.The works:My father (Gary Lewis) took over a bee farm from his father which owned 150 sets beehives locates in Changge city in 1958. The bee farm expanded gradually from 150 to 4000 sets beehives in 30 years from 1958 to 1978. My father (Gary Lewis) decided to move bee farm to Qinghai province in 1979 because of environmental pollution of Changge City. New farm lies at the southern end of Qinghai lake, It locates in the plateau, away from pollution. In the following few years, the bee farm increased to 30000 beehives. I (Kevin)took over the bee farm from father’s hand in 1984 because of father’s older age. We decided to open a beehive manufactory. A love for the bees and the natural world has always been an important part of the lives of the father-son beekeeping team behind the idea, Gary and Kevin. With help from a handful of skilled friends and family members and a nail-biting lack of preparation, we got a fund-raising of $90000. Factory started work in the end of 1984. In the beginning it was only a small workshop with 6 staffs, but over the years, it become a modern professional factory with 190 employees. In 2003, we started our metalwork production line, like honey extractor, uncapping fork and ect. In 2005, we started plastic and suits workshop, like plastic beehive, plastic queen box, bee suit and ect. In 2010, got propolis refining and extracting technique got an international patent. In 2012, “Automatic beehive”(Flow hive) published, and got patent. In 2015, over 500000 beehive kits had been ordered from more than 140 countries. In 2016, Germany President Merkel visited my factory when she was on an official travel in China.Quality:We pride ourselves on both the quality of our products and the quality of our service. We will replace any part that you are unhappy with free of charge. We do our best to ensure that you are a satisfied customer.This website is updated regularly in order to provide up to the minute information on our products and activities.