We have been engaged in the production of OEM metal pins for over 17 years. 80% of our production team members have been working here for more than 5 years, 10 years, 15 years or even 17 years. We work with many world-renowned brand companies. We are committed to providing quality products and reliable services. In addition to the metal pins, we also produce a full range of gift and premium items which include key chains, charms, coins, medallions, car badges and emblematic jewelry. With a drawing or simply an idea, our in-house designers will come up with a slick design within just 24 hours. The minimum order we can accept is 100pcs/design, and can also accept order up to 1,000pcs with delivery time in 15days. Contact us now for more information!Our production range includes:Material Selection:1) Precious metal (karat gold, sterling silver)2) Copper3) Brass4) Iron5) Aluminum6) Zinc alloy7) Pewter alloy8) Stainless steelWorkmanship: 1) Casting2) Die stamping3) Etching4) Imprinting Color Applicable:1) Hard enamel2) Pro enamel (Imitation hard enamel)3) Soft enamel4) Imprinting 5) Stone setting