Keep health always around you.Welcome to Rosa Rugosa, supplier of sterilizing equipment from China.The idea for our sterilizing box was designed by the normal questions from woman: how can I dispose my toy after using? How can I keep my toy at a safe place? How can I avoid be taking by others or seeing by children? May be we will choose a box for them, but it’s dirty and insecure. So then we have the first product — Security Knight Q3.The Q3 is specialized to sterilize adult toy including vibrator, bullet toy, anal toy and other daily appliances which tend to be infected with virus and bacteria, it uses UV disinfection and ozonization to process, only need 8 minutes to keep you in health. All designs contains hundreds of hours of development, testing and passion poured into it. This product is the result of an uncompromising search for the perfect. After Security Knight Q3, Rosa Rugosa has launched more series of sterilizing equipment for woman and man. All of our products got FCC, CE, PSE, ROSH, SGS all international authentications. Security Knight Q3 is just the beginning. We walked on the road of sterilizing equipment development for 3 years. In addition to relevant certification and testing, we have registered brands in the United States, Japan, the European Union and China, and have also applied for various patents. The road of creation ofsterilizing equipment will continue. We are looking forward to your joining and cooperation!