Started from 2 plywood production lines (management bought out from a big and insolvent state owned group) in mid 90s of last century, the development of Jiangsu Hanbao has witnessed every step of this industry’s development in China since then. Until today, plywood still occupies big and important part of Hanbao’s business though Hanbao has successfully integrated in a broader range of products after its 20 years’ development.Every little knowledge about plywood that should be known by a manufacturer and a foreign trader has been learned and mastered solidly and every day we keep absorbing new information and knowledge of plywood via meeting various needs from so many different customers world widely. Plywood is a product that can serve many purposes, i.e. packaging, furniture making, wall partitions, floor making, construction formwork etc. Especially if it is used as concrete formwork, it can be further segmented into many sub categories. We are proud of ourselves to be a supplier who can meet almost any plywood requirement as long as you have one. As a comprehensive supplier of plywood, Hanbao was not just content with this and has been working hard to replicate its success achieved in plywood by adding MDF/HDF, hardboard, particle board, block board, gypsum board, fiber cement board, EPS/XPS sandwich panel, MGO board, HPL panel, WPC panel and PVC panels, door skins etc in its product range. Hanbao has now become a dedicated PANEL SOLUTION PROVIDER IN BUILDING MATERIAL SECTOR (both interior and exterior) and accumulated high credits and trusts from customers in different parts of this world. However Hanbao never stops trying new products in building material sector and has invested in infra-red saunas, kitchen cabinets, kitchen lead-free faucets, showers, floors, doors successively. Some of them are still in preliminary phases and some are ready to launch brand sell already. From last year, Hanbao also invested in electric tricycle to test the market. Every investment means a lot of effort and study behind it with our HANBAO PEOPLE’s high expectations. As a private company from China, empathy is our biggest advantage. We are a humane company and cherish every penny of our customers and our suppliers and know that we must deliver qualified products and service in order to survive and win a place in the competition. We respect expertise and have professional quality control teams for different product lines and have a unique QC way developed in house to ensure our quality control is effective and fault free.