Jiangsu Horyen International Trade Co.Ltd was founded in Feb, 2016 which is a professional foreign trade company to operate import and export business. It is located in Yixing economic development zone of China and the neighbouring economy is prosperous. Besides, the transportation like expressway is very advanced. Our company has our own factories. The registered capital of our company is RMB 15,800,000 and the floor area is about 15,000 sq.m.Our factories were founded in 2002, and specialize in the research and production of carbon fiber needle felt preform, building carbon fiber reinforcing fabric, high strength glass fiber reinforced unidirectional fabric, various carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber tape, various aramid fiber fabric, the special fiber blend fabric, carbon fiber moulding board, some other high performance fiber products and different chemical products. With 15 years’ production experience and continuous innovation, we’ve already achieved customer’s affirmation and trust based on our good reputation.At present, our company is increasing the scale of trade. We manage and make agency for the import and export business of various goods and technology (except the prohibitive products limited by the state). In order to extend industry and operate capital well on the basis of import and export scale growth, we gradually form the strategic pattern of joint development and mutual promotion for import and export, domestic and foreign trade, trade and production, industry and service. Raised primarily, diversified development, promote the comprehensive and steady development of our company. Horyen International Trade Co., Ltd adheres to the science and technology enterprise . To reach the advanced level, we have been making the continuous innovation. We’ll, as always, insist on “high standard, high requirement, high quality” principle. We can produce better goods based on the customer’s request. Friends, to present the unique of Horyen Company, we sincerely hope to cooperate with clients all over the world, hand in hand, create brilliance !