Dan yang Shenghong microfibre textile Co.,Ltd. is situated in the National earliest and biggest eyeglasses production base–Jiangsu Province Danyang City Development Zone. The company close to Shanghai and Nanjing Highway, Dagang Wharf, Changzhou Airport, the transportation is very convenient, is the ideal outlet for investment. Dan yang Shenghong microfibre textile Co.,Ltd produces the superfine fiber fabric is suitable to clean all kinds of glass, coating, resin lens, lens, jewelry, electrical appliances, precise electronic products, upscale furniture, vehicle glass, sporting goods and so on. Our products chooses the material excellent, uses the advanced production process, receives user community’s affection.The main application of our products includes: Wiping eyeglasses cloth:To clean all kinds of glass, the coating, the resin lens, lens, also use to clean all kinds of dense grain, the compact disc, recording, video recording magnetic head, the television screen and so on. Industry wiping cloth:To clean the cleaning room for the LSLIC computer, the precision machinery processing, micro electron product manufacturing, high-quality mirror surface manufacture and so on. Daily use cleaning cloth:To clean the upscale furniture, the lacquerware, the passenger vehicle glass and the automobile body, the jewellery ornaments and so on. Towel:To clean the handkerchief, bathing goods, the sporting goods(for example golf club, badminton racket and so on), the musical instrument(for example guitar, violin and so on). Danyang Shenghong microfibre textile Co.,Ltd has the advanced technology and the production equipment. We can be supposed the customer request to produce various idioplasms, the specification, the model, the color superfine fiber fabric. We in line with “quality first, prestige first, good faith service” objective, sincere and everywhere friend long-term cooperation, communal development.