Jiangsu ZhongDian Group is a comprehensive group consisting of 8 branch companies. We keep the faith of strengthen self without stopping, and hold world with virtue, keeping away from fickleness and vanity and paying more attention to the quality of our products. The good quality, appropriate price and well after-sales service help us gain more share of the market. Adhere to the concept that “green technology, energy conservation and environmental protection”. We have certifications for ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, IEC and TUV. We are achieving excellent results in the development of Solar Lightning Systems and Solar Powered Systems, our two main product groups. Solar street lights, solar batteries, battery boxes, solar home systems and smart solar homes are also the main products.With superb quality, appropriate price and attentive customer service, our products are enjoying a high reputation and most market share both in domestic markets and international markets. Each year, our group manufactured more than 150,000 sets of solar street lights, 60,000 sets of solar generator, 600,000 sets of solar colloid storage battery and 3,000,000 sets of buried box. With annual sales of nearly 1 billion, we occupy the leading position in the solar industry. ZhongDian group, light my way; light your way!