Jiaxing Jinyifan Textile Technology Co,. LTD. has 15 years experience in weaving with total assets of 10 million USD and a land area of 30,000 meter square. The Group is located in Tianle Zone Industrial Area, Wangjiangjing Town, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. Based on unique geographical advantages, it enjoys a good production and operation environment. And it’s adjacent to Shanghai and Hangzhou, enjoying convenient traffic conditions.Jiaxing Jinyifan Textile Technology Co,. LTD. owns two workship. One workship is for two to four jets electronic choosing water-jet machines, this production of line has 300 water-jet machines. Our company can manufacture 10D, 20D, 30D polyester monofilament as warp yarn with different material as weft yarn according to the clients’ requests. Another factory is specialized in processing yarns, which we have 10 sizing machines, 100 high class double twisting machines and all kinds matching equipment. 10D monofilament fabrics is very light and thin, with the grammage of 15-17g/ meter square and the thickness of 0.01-0.04mm.Our advantage strongly depends on sufficient storage of full-color, wholesale and fast shipment. More than 100 organza various have ready goods, 2000 different color storage, and 500 thousand meters gray fabrics preparing. From gray fabrics to dyed fabrics, we only need 2 days to finished. The shipment speed and time and the quality assurance are our core competitiveness.