With longstanding relationships nationwide with factories and suppliers alike, we are a global leader in the distribution of wholesale fashion accessories. We specialize in neckwear, costume jewelry, and other accessories, and are looking to expand other everyday wholesale products.As technology increases, we do the potential for new buyers. With this in mind, we are ever expanding our channels for sales. We believe in giving each customer, no matter big or small, the opportunity to get the best product. That’s why our sales teams are constantly working to expand both our online and offline sales channels.
           Whether domestic or international, no customer should miss out on a great opportunity for a great product. For our domestic customers, we have a 1,000 square meter showroom and exhibition hall whereby our customers can experience first-hand and true characters of each of our products. For our international customers, we are continuing to better our online showcase as well as create a fluid telecommunication exchange in order to give those customers the same quality experience as the in-house showcase. It is not only a matter of our products speaking for ourselves, but also a matter of our products and our company that stands behind them, giving you the best possible wholesale experience that speaks volumes. Take a look at our catalog and see the variety we offered and the high standards of quality.