Kunshan HANATA Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and economically developed city, Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. It closes to the international metropolis, Shanghai. The traffic is very convenient, from here to Hongqiao International Airport only 30 minutes by car. HANATA Company mainly engaged in high-grade polyolefin foaming materials’ research and development, production, products processing and marketing. With high-energy electron accelerator application technology and continuous atmospheric pressure foaming technology to produce electronic cross-linked and chemical cross-linked polyethylene foamed materials. HANATA series products have many comprehensive performances, such as durable, beauty, environmental protection (non-toxic, tasteless, non-pollution), cushion shock absorption, waterproof insulation, noise weathering, anticorrosive flame retardant and so on. It is widely used in traveling manufacture, transportation, air-conditioning heat preservation, shoe bags, shockproof packaging, construction, agriculture, forestry and eco-agriculture, sporting goods, medical care, electronic shielding, daily provisions, etc.The company currently has two production lines, the main equipment are granulators, mixers, extruding machines and level of foaming furnace, otherwise are laminating machines, slicing machines, corona machines, embossing machines, cutting machines and other equipment to provide back-end products processing and production.In addition, be in China at present, HANATA is still one of the most professional companies which specializes in XPE / IXPE cross-linked polyethylene foam production line’s design, production, innovation, etc.; And it analyzes the relevant mechanical principles and production processes. It is also do a lot of work in related technology research and development, raw material formula modification, new product development, product application and market development.We are currently have 2 mechanical design engineers, and we are hired 2 foreign technical advisers, 6 installation and commissioning engineers, 2 formulation process engineers, 10 development technician, and some domestic and foreign market sales. We have to design and manufacture, install and debug several XPE product lines for domestic and foreign customers, and accumulated rich experiences. We integrate all aspects of enabling resources by our contacts and recognition within the industry. We select a number of powerful processing equipment manufacturers and outsourcing R & D bases in the Yangtze River Delta. In addition, we have made certain achievements in the modification and filling of raw materials, in the mixture of polymer and in the development of new products. We have a professional product processing center so that we can put the new R & D results to market in time, and ultimately to achieve the goals: savings customers’ cost, improving products’ competitiveness and market share, achieving the harmonious win-win.