Lanzhou Huanghe Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1993 by Lanzhou Huanghe group, which was founded in 1985, and invested in beer business assets. Lanzhou Huanghe Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest joint-stock enterprises established in Gansu Province. Its shares were listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on June 23, 1999. At present, its total share capital is 185766000 shares.The company’s main beer, beverage, malt, packaging and printing. Huanghe beer and malt are the leading products of the company. After years of development and adjustment, the company has evolved into an equity asset management company, including Sino foreign joint venture Lanzhou Huanghe Jianiang Beer Co., Ltd., Sino foreign joint venture Qinghai Huanghe Jianiang Beer Co., Ltd., Sino foreign joint venture Tianshui Huanghe Jianiang Beer Co., Ltd., Sino foreign joint venture Jiuquan Western Beer Co., Ltd., Lanzhou Huanghe (Jinchang) malt Co., Ltd Lanzhou Huanghe Investment Guarantee Co., Ltd., Lanzhou Huanghe efficient agricultural development Co., Ltd. and other 7 holding enterprises.
        It has formed a development pattern of “Yellow River Economic Circle” with beer as “one body”, malt and packaging printing as “two wings” and other industries as “supporting facilities”. The annual beer production capacity is 450000 kiloliters and malt 150000 tons. The industrial layout of the company is reasonable, the industrial chain is relatively complete, the complementary role is strong, and the agglomeration effect and radiation effect are obvious.Lanzhou Huanghe is a national trademark strategy implementation demonstration enterprise. The company has won more than 100 titles, such as “national advanced collective of light industry”, “top 50 outstanding economic innovation enterprises in Gansu”, “Lanzhou” double love and double evaluation “advanced unit”” The trademark “Huanghe” is the first, second, third and fourth famous trademark in Gansu Province. In February 2002, the beer trademark “Huanghe” was recognized as “China famous trademark” by the State Administration for Industry and commerce. Since its establishment, the company has made brilliant achievements in economic construction, corporate culture, spiritual civilization, Party building and other aspects, with a total tax of more than 2 billion yuan, ranking among the top 100 tax paying enterprises in Gansu Province for eight consecutive years, which has played a good exemplary role.Since its establishment, the company has been pursuing the value concept of “working together with one heart, being virtuous and innovative”, highlighting the core role of people, adhering to the philosophy of “combining hardness and softness, being harmonious but different”, striving to maximize the team and individual value while realizing greater value of the enterprise, actively fulfilling social responsibilities, and making positive contributions to local economic and social development.With the implementation of one country’s “one belt, one road” strategy and large-scale construction of state-level Lanzhou New District, the company will seize opportunities and keep pace with the times, consolidate and develop beer industry, cultivate new industries, maintain regional advantages, timely advance eastward and westward, enhance self-development ability, and strive to build a century old brand.