LMZ (Jiangsu) Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Hangji Industrial Zone, the largest hotel product manufacturing base in China. Our company was invested by Liuzhou LMZ Co., Ltd., with capital of USD10 million. We specialize in producing travel toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and bath gel. LMZ (Yangzhou) has been engaged in production since 2006 and our output increases year by year. Now,our annual output of travel toothpaste exceeds 1.2 billion pieces. We are the leading producer of travel toothpaste in the world.LMZ (Yangzhou) got ISO9001:2008 certificate in 2007 and got ISO14001:2004 certificate in 2008. Our company has been appraised as “one of the Top Ten Most Welcome Hotel Supplies in China.We will try our best to prompt the concept of “environmental protection” and develop circular economy in the industry. As a state-owned corporation, we try our best to be the world famous hotel supplier in 3-5 years, and LMZ will be the most valuable brand in the world.