Nanjing Liujiayi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the computer information integration ,the equipment of the RFID reader ,the RFID electronic label and any thing about the Internet Of Things.Including independent research capability .we provide the most advanced Internet Of Things hardware and software.Four advantages The earliest and the most professional RFID reader and tag R&D team The unique RFID one stop sales service The most competitive RFID in our industry The largest scale, the highest capacity and the optimal deliveryNanjing Liujiayi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd .has made more then 20 RFID patents .Has an experienced, technical ability of strong R & D team which build up by more then 70 excellent engineers .Besides we have corporation with Chinese Academy of Sciences for our customers to solve all problems in design ,manufacturing services and application.we have a complete RFID product line, the main mass production of ultra-high frequency (UHF) antenna and high frequency (HF), inlay, label, clothing tag, bill, 2.4G active tag reader and other RFID products, Warehousing, retail, manufacturing, medical, identification, security, transportation, traceability, libraries and coal mines and other industries.