Nantong Hi Seed Industry Limited had been dedicated in the researching, developing and manufacturing of garden machine orchard tools and agriculture machine. We have strong design and development capacity as we have specialist in series of professional technology lines. We put great emphasis in quality of our product. Because of our insist on implementation of total quality management, we gained dozens of special patents in plant protection industry. And we are selected as the National Pear Industrial technology System Device and Tool Research & Development Base, Agricultural- Sciences, Plant Protection Machinery R&D Center of Jiangsu Province. 1. Pruning shear. Driven by Ball screw driver, cut more tan 300,000.00times complete quality control and test system of controller,motor and even swing cables. CE certificate. 2.Thermal fogger, we guaranteed 5 years of engine and one year of machine. We have new models of thermal fogger both is agriculture pesticide spraying and disinfection & disease control areas. 3. Gasoline power knapsack sprayers. Germany spraying nozzle, Engine closure type fuel economizer can really help farmers saving 21%-31% oil consumption. Fall-back Type Rope Pull Starter simplify and prolong the life of start. 4. Trolley sprayer. a light,nimble, high efficient plant protection machine. It is mainly applied in disease and pest control of large areaplantations, such as field crops, pear, apple, peach, vineyard, farming, forestry etc. It has wide application range and strong expansion. We have several nozzle set method to applied spraying in all series and landform.5. Orchard sprayers are our honors. Under the guidance ‘technology innovation’ & ‘service for fruit farmers’ our technologists did their bestworked diligently and over came difficulties one after another. Successfully developed and researched the first set air blast orchard spray-er HDW300L/800L /1200L orchard sprayer. Filling the blank of pesticide spraying machinery in domestic market, highly improved pesti-cide spraying efficiency and effect, greatly reduced working intensity. In meeting the spraying effect it can reduced dosage, cost, pesticide loss and pollution of environment.Our Principle and Purpose We Always adhere to the principle of quality first, so as to the credibility and good after-sales service to win customers favor! Equipped with superior production facilities, we have sophisticated inspection methods, strong R&D force and strict&effective quality control system. We have CE approval and we are certified for our quality management system being in conformity with ISO9001:2000 standard. Our purp-ose is service for framer and distributors at home and abroad. You are always welcomed to contact us for any inquiry or requesting an E-catalogue. Our professional and committed staff will provide you the fastest response and sincere service.