Company Introduction: Nantong Ok Sporting Co., Ltd. is a new dynamic company which is founded for the manufacturing & export business of dumbbell, weights, barbell, rack, bench, fitness accessories and we are increasingly extending the production for benches, racks, and gym equipment in the coming days. Main Products: As a new dynamic company, our main products will be benches, racks, dumbbells, barbells, weights, fitness accessories of very Hi-Quality Our Aspiration: Our aspiration is to provide the buyers with top-quality products at the best possible price from sporting market, So buyers are remain comfortable in getting their desirable products from us at in-expensive price Our Services: We produce the products with Buyers personal logos, Buyers desirable designs, Replicate products as per buyers demand or current products with buyers desirable modifications. As we are (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturers so we are able to provide the buyers 100% accurate product as per their demand SPECIAL SERVICES TO NEW BUYERS: As we found 90% of buyers here at alibaba .com are in process to start the new business and they need everything 100% perfect so they can make their presentation promptly. Our experience and willingness to provide buyers 100% accurate products, also at best possible prices is certainly helpful to new buyers as we take much care to understand their orders for product, Logos/Designs and making quotation with prices and shipping cost . Also due to our own manufacturing facilities we are able to deliver as small or large quantity orders within the specified period Our Quality Control: Our quality control system is very sufficient. From selection of raw materials until finished products we take much care of all the process and each piece is individually checked before dispatch, and we have Quality Control team whom check all the products before packing.And the person in OK Sporting will do the after-service-working within 6month after you received the products.Our Credibility: We have strong relations with our current buyers due to our whole heartedness in supplying them the accurate product and take care of buyers in all respects thats why our buyers are stay with us over the years. Prior for entire satisfaction of new buyers we can give trade references of our current buyers for ensure the new buyers that they will be remain comfortable with us in any deal they will make with us Our Vision: Ok sport fitness has built its reputation by ensuring a long-term,mutually beneficial ralationship with you,our customer. So why put it off any longer? Let Oksport fitness help you achieve your fitness goals today.So our vision is becoming one of the most best competitive supplier in China. Our values is team work, customer focus, that why most customer chose Oksport fitness.