New coast (yangzhou) rope co., LTD is a professional chemical fiber rope manufacturing enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and technical service.The company mainly produces polypropylene (polypropylene), nylon (polyamide), polyester (polyester), polyester-acrylic hybrid, nylon, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene series cable, Product diameter: 4mm~120mm, optional .The structure has 3 strands, 4 strands, 6 strands, 8 strands, 12 strands, and a double-woven 24-strand, 32-strand, 36-strand rope of various structural types. The company’s products have the characteristics of high strength, low elongation, anti-wear and anti-corrosion, and the performance indicators are in line with relevant national standards and international standards. Nowadays, the products have been widely used in deep sea mooring, marine engineering, ocean transportation, national defense military, port towing, water conservancy engineering and special equipment.