Ningbo Bridge Knitting Group is a full-scale manufacturing-oriented group, which mainly produces knitwear and synthetic leather. It is located in the opening-up city, Ningbo, which lies in southeast China. The group is one of the top-ten knitting enterprises in China.Ningbo Bridge Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd. is a professional PU synthetic leather manufacturer. Our factory occupies an area of 20,000 square meters with a total investment of about USD8,642,000. We possess several wet and dry production lines and spraying lines, as well as printing, design-pressing and grinding equipment. We can carry out full-scale production of four special series of products as following: Fireproofing series (BS5852 a and FMVSS 302)Hydrolysis resistant series (5y and 10y)Waterproof series Mildew and bacteria proof seriesMeanwhile, we can produce regular middle and high grade shoe leather, sofa leather, case and bag leather, and gift wrapper leather. The output of our PU leather had exceeded 7,000,000 meters annually. Our sales volume has reached USD18,519,000 and our export value is up to USD4,300,000. We recruit more than ten graduates every year, and hires senior engineers from Taiwan as our standing consultants. With the support of these, “Bridge” branded fireproof and hydrolysis resistant sofa leather has passed several international quality tests (BS5852 PARTa, FMVSS302, ASTM and CFFA) and has been exported in large volume to European, American and Australian countries. Facing with the entry of international brands, Ningbo Bridge Synthetic Leather Co., Ltd. will succeed the elegant, delicate and natural eastern verve and the classics of the noble leather to make our trademark “Bridge” prevail home and abroad, under the background of economic globalization.