FEEME Childcare was launched in February 2014, our management and workforce all boast many years’ industry experience. And we all share a passion about what we do, making a range of quality products to help parents on the move look after their little ones.From the CEO to the company secretary, we have an unrivalled passion for what we do.All our senior management and key employees have a significant background in the manufacture and design of children’s products. For example Summer Xia, our founder and CEO, moved into the industry immediately after graduating from university in fashion design. Extraordinarily knowledgeable about textiles, you can see her influence in the designs and textures of many of our products.Specialists in quality: From sales and purchasing managers to research and development, her expert team also boast impressive industry experience and expertise. In other important areas, our designers look after photography as well as package and product design and we employ a team of expert seamsters. We also use specialists to keep vigil on the children’s travel accessory market so we can track all the latest designs, innovations and trends.We trust our factories to give your customers the quality they need. We have a select list of factories that we work with, which we know from experience give us the quality we need to manufacture our products to a high standard. Two are specialists in moulded plastic manufacturer, two in soft-line sewing, two in hard-line sewing and one for silicon and one for sunshade items. Together they make everything we need to manufacture and allow us to offer a one-stop service to our customers. What’s more, we set up our own Factory at the end of 2018 for better quality control and meet all kinds of factory audit from diferent market, such BSCI, ISO, SEDEX and so on.A wide range of products to meet your customers’ needs. We undertand different markets have different needs. What is a best seller in the States won’t necessarily be popular in Europe, and vice versa. For that reason we have a full range of products with the specifications to suit either market. We not only offer the new items but also the soulution to meet your final customers’s needs,including different designs, size, and colours. What’s more, Our R&D department release 2-3 new items every month to our VIP customers, join us become the VIP!We want to be the best now and for years to come. We aim to be one of the foremost suppliers of children’s travel accessories both now and in the future. With that in mind we invest significantly in Research and Development.Not only do we scour the world looking for inspiration we also spend time researching our own ideas. We aim to introduce something new into the market every week, investing around 150,000 USD per year for new mould items design and tooling and around 100,000 USD every year on sewing items such as new fabric, new patters. Before we go to market we test, test and test again. But we take time to make sure our products are built just right.Safety of course, is paramount. So everything we produce is tested and tested again to make certain it is safe in even the tiniest hands. Products are non flammable. Dyes are harmless. Anything built to fit into a car is designed to withstand impact.To ensure everything is the high quality and safe to use our experienced, quality control team inspect the factories we use on a daily basis.After we’ve worked out what products we want to produce, including both existing and new lines, we’ll provide a guide list for our workforce to adhere to. We’ll also organise a preproduction inspection as well as a final inspection of all our orders. We aim to provide service that’s as good as the products we make. As well as a wide range of superior products we endeavor to provide our customers with an exceptional service with 42 staffs’ hard working together!