Ningbo Jiasheng Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and promotion of bar code automatic identification technology, The main sales products are thermal label paper, copper plate label paper, color label, label printer, supermarket bar code paper, bar code label machine ribbon, clothing tag, washing water label and other products, which are widely used in clothing and footwear industry, hardware machinery, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, government hospitals, shopping malls and supermarkets, electronic appliances, toys and gifts, industrial manufacturing, food, logistics and other social fields.The company’s important advantage is that it has a group of experienced professionals who have been engaged in the bar code industry for more than 10 years. They have a comprehensive understanding and mastery of bar code automatic identification technology, printing technology, mobile computing technology, wireless network communication technology, software and database technology, and can deeply understand the specific problems in the supply chain management of various industries and each customer’s The actual needs, and put forward reasonable suggestions. It is with years of industry experience, comprehensive solutions and high-quality service that Ningbo Jiasheng Weiye information technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Ningbo, and has a number of service agencies in many regions of the country, and has many regional and industrial partners throughout the country to jointly provide high-quality services for customers.The company has its own consumables processing plant and information technology R & D department, which can customize various consumables and practical management software systems for the majority of users, such as self-adhesive labels, water washing labels, PVC, pet, carbon tape, software aspects such as wireless bar code warehouse management, bar code purchase and sale, anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting management system, product quality traceability and recall system, and system integration Such as production line control system, material search system, manufacturing execution, etc., the above products have passed the international SGS certification and the use of many industry customers. We guarantee the quality and delivery time at the same time, you can enjoy the wholesale price.Our business philosophy is “customer first, efficiency first”, adhere to the professional focus on industrial automation, information technology development strategy. With the rapid development of the times and the rapid development of science and technology today, the company is committed to the development of new products, new technology, the best products and the most practical new technology to the market at the fastest speed to meet the needs of various industries customers in commodity circulation, production, management and competition.