Ningbo Le Trade Co., Ltd. was established in January 2009, with registered capital of 220,000 US dollars. Over the years, through our mutual operation and effort, successfully lead a team of outstanding elites to work hard together, and have open and diverse corporate culture, and many work experience. At present, we have combined our domestic top industrial designers, elite business team, good after-sales service , a complete supply chain system, and customers in many countries around the world. Let’s lock the future! Let’s conquer the market together!Staff advantageTeam members, all college or above, 80% work more than 3 years, backbone personnel more than 6 years.Empirical advantageWork foreign trade business over many years, always keeping up with the trend to lead products, the combination of technology extension and advanced nature, forming a truly reliable and stable experience.R&D advantageWe have an independent research and development department, dedicated to the development of new products and hot products. our products have professional certification, and patent for unique products.