Sidana is a manufacturer specialize in ropes for playgrounds, and playgrounds made of ropes.Started by a small workshop of one person and one machine, We have been making playground ropes for more than 10 years now, Ropes we do are combination ropes for scramble nets and polyester ropes for knitted rainbow climbing nets. ‘ Qitele, The China largest commercial playground maker found us five years ago, designated us to supply them combination ropes since then, because the ropes on their playgrounds had been using for 5 years and still in good condition.’ said Mr. Pan, the founder of Sidana.The playground industry is booming in China these years, Three years ago, We noticed there was a new playground in the market, It looks like a cage or honeycomb, which have multi-tier rope knitted floors with holes, few kids could climb through the floors, or rest in it. And we found we could do this better, since we know ropes and rope-knitting technics well. So we do it and upgrade it. Now we can do many style and they are well accepted by more and more our customers.