Qinghai Rui Yuan Bio Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Golmud city, Qinghai Province, a cold, dry city under the Kunlun Mountains in western China.Mainly engaged in the production of nutritional supplements, our company has a production workshop of more than 5000 square meters, GMP workshop of more than 2000 square meters, with the German made Fette high-speed tablet press and other advanced equipments,we also have the United States made PerkinElmer atomic absorption meter, and SHIMADZU high pressure liquid chromatography and other advanced detecting instruments which made in Japan.
         Our company can produce all kinds of vitamins effervescent tablets,such as vitamin c ,multivitamin and multimineral effervescent tablets.Dry and cold climate (Golmud annual rainfall 41.5 ml, annual evaporation of more than 3000 mm), is very conducive to the production of vitamins effervescent tablets, make our products more excellent quality.We can produce various kinds of common vitamin C effervescent tablets according to customers’ requirements, or natural anthocyanin effervescent tablets without adding chemical pigment and essence for customers. This is our unique technology, which has obtained Chinese invention patent and is applying for EU patent.Our proprietary technology can preserves the color of anthocyanins to the maximum extent possible during the acid-base reaction of effervescent tablets.
         We can add into the effervescent tablets with blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, and other natural anthocyanins and keep its gorgeous color, also can add our speciality of golmud black Chinese wolfberry anthocyanins, this is a magical species, growth in golmud in the cold, dry desert,the anthocyanin in dried fruit can reach over 3%, charming color, taste fragrant, as the raw material of vitamin C effervescent tablet,it can significantly improve the quality of the products.