Rice Microelectronics Inc. ,moved from Silicon Valley CA, USA to Yangzhou, Jiangsu in 2010, is the leading Radio-Frequency-IDentification (RFID)IC design house in China. Rice is a subsidiary company of Tuspark-Holdings that belongs to Tsinghua University. The company’s RFID goal is to tag each object with its silicon “electronic ID” and provide reliable big data for cloud computing applications aligned with national plan of “Digital China” Our products include a great portfolio of RFID chip such as HF and UHF tag and reader ICs. With our core-valued competitive ICs, we provide our customer various solutions such as anti-counterfeiting platform, supply chain management, e-paper ticketing, library management, store membership management, apparel, pharmaceutical tracking, asset management, public transportation, etc. With our comprehensive experience in designing ICs and serving our customers, we can also assist you in exploring and distinguishing your business with our oriented custom IC design service.