SAFEERLIFE PRODUCTS CO. set up in 2009. We aim to make the best products by using our manufacturing & purchasing strengths to become the primary low cost producer and supplier of emergency first aid and safety products. We have advanced manufacturing, development, logistics and product management capabilities.There are three division factories support our service.Plastic Injection molding make a series of first aid boxes, waterproof box,and some plastic medical products such as urine bags, wound drainage system, suction liner, medical suction unit, scrub brush etc. ;Medical tape division make a series of sports tape,such as kinesio tape, rigid strapping tape, Zinc Oxide tape, hockey tape, EAB tape, underwrap.And a electronic factory make a series of hearing aids, analog hearing aids,Digital hearing aids,digital thermometers, forehead strip thermometer,blood pressure monitors.Our First aid division main products: first aid kits, CPR mask, CPR face shield,emergency blanket, stretcher, eye wash shower , emergency eye washer and shower system,stretchers,ambulance bag,medical kits etc.