Dewin, established in 2011, is a trading company engaged in the service for supply of engineered components. Our team has a rich experience of engineering industry for 18 years, such as machining, casting, stamping, sintering and forging. We always provide Dolphin Report with real information and help partner to control entire production processes. We provide services, called “Dolphin Services”, to make the international trade much easier. You want to find the solid suppliers in lower prices online, but there are hundreds of options with lots of fake information. Let Dolphin Services to help you filter bad options, and make better choices in an efficient way.1. Finding the right suppliers well suited your request, not only cheaper.2. Providing DOLPHIN REPORT with the real information about the suppliers to help you see the unseen and make the correct decision.3. Making sure the processes of production is according to IATF 16949 or our agreement.4. Providing financial support to our VIP partners to help them get the big project from their clients.5. Targeted and planned cost reduction activities last for 5 years. Always keeping real is our faith, and never changed. So it’s our responsibility to make sure the DOLPHIN REPORT is the symbol of truth of all information of suppliers and products.Anyway, DEWIN is your trustworthy partner in China .