Shaanxi KingRuth Import & Export Co., Ltd., formerly known as KingRuth Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., is specialized in exporting dirt bike, scooter parts business.

We have 14 years of exporting experience in foreign trade, and we have provided a lot of high-quality dirt bike & scooter accessories to around the world. We have been exported to over 50 countries, and some of the old customers have been working together with us for more than 5 years, and we look forward to working with friends from around the world, and we believe that our high-quality products, competitive prices could meet your requirements.We have a love for engaging in off-road vehicles and scooter accessories team, and we have an independent factories, professional engineers, excellent sales staff , 24- hour after-service, where each of us to treat every customer with love. Our customer’s satisfaction is our aim, and we care of our customer’s success. We will be very obliged to serve you and to be your partner to achieve your strategic objectives and success.We will continue to accumulate experience and improve production technology, to provide new products continually. We believe that all of these will enable our customers to win market, and we will strive to be excellent the best dirt bike & scooter parts suppliers. Our success needs your help.

Welcome to give us suggestion to improve our products, service and management, and you’ll be treated with the respect you deserve.