Shaanxi Westitan Technical International Co. Ltd. (Westitan International) was established as a national foreign trader in China. Our business backbone is composed by some engineers with more than 30 years’ experience in production and design and some experts with 20 years’ experience in service of international engineering. Westitan International is engaged in the business as a main supplier/agent of goods and services of TURNKEY and EPC project for Chemical and Electrical industries.

Nowadays, our business is focusing on : 1. Production plant of mineral salt, such as caustic soda plant, hydrochloric acid production line, waste acid recovery plant, waste gas treatment plant and so on.2. Titanium materials and equipment for Petroleum, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Water treatment industries. 3. Drilling rigs and Equipment for Petroleum industry. 4. Machinery and accessories for power plants, transmission lines and substations. 5. New technology and products.

With very rich experience in international trade, Westitan International is looking forward to set up long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with worldwide clients. If you require any further information on business in China, please do not hesitate to contact us.