HuaDa Toy Co., Ltd. is one of the largest and most recognized plastic toy manufacturers in China. Our company specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of toys. Founded in 1997, our company is located in Chenghai Town of Shantou City which is officially laureate named Toys City in China. Our showroom comprising 79000 sq.ft. We have more than 1 million different items in our showroom. Our industrial estate covers an area of 58, 000 square meters (510950 sq. ft.) and there are more than 1000 employees work in our company. We implement completely as per ISO9001 quality management system. Over 20 years’ history, our main products include R/C toys, ride-on cars, baby walkers, B/O learning laptops etc. Vision and Potential The purpose and vision of our company is to inspire buyer to explore and challenge their own creative fortune potential. Promotion is very important for our clients, whom used the good idea and let the products sale more mass and faster. Corporate Responsibility We are always looking for long term business cooperate partners in the world. We aim to ensure products meet the expectations of quality and safety that clients can reasonably demand of design, play patterns and foreseeable misuse. We have to base our clients’ demands to produce. We will inform clients what material standard we use. As a further requirement, we will pay more attention to the quality and safety. Quality is firmly rooted in our fundamental beliefs, our mission statement, our strategic goals and our values. As a conscientious company in the field of quality experience, service and products, we focus on the customer’s perception of quality. We view the implementation of this policy as the shared responsibility of all our employees. Corporate Governance Unwavering integrity defines our corporate culture on every part, guiding how we work and how we do business, solid standards of corporate governance are so important to earning and retaining trust, which is why we take corporate governance so seriously. We are pleased to provide the opportunity to take closer look at our standard, clients required, as well as those we impose on ourselves, in an effort to develop best practices, and earn your trust every day. OEM & ODM are Welcome We are happy to receive the OEM inquiry, we focus long term business and curtail exploiture periods and production time. We comprehend client’s mind. The philosophy is reflected in all aspects of our daily work and is expressed in values such as responsibility,reliability,quality and service. We take responsibility for people and the environment and we comply with the standards set by ICTI CARE process,ensuring fair working srandards at our factory and company.By guaranteeing the wellbeing of our employees we are able to manufacture products that meet our ethical and moral standards. We only use high-quality material in production.This is particularly important in areas where our young customers come into very close contact with the toy. Market-oriented and Penetration We have changed our packing to appeal to all age groups in order to obtain maximum market penetration.