Senboo Textile was established by a young 90s’ couple Steven Wu and Doris Hsiun,a group of young people are always passionate and innovative for what they engaged.Senboo textile industry is succeeding in eco fabrics,we are throwing ourselves into customizing high quality fabric based on customer request and provide considerate sourcing service.Senboo textile provides bamboo fabrics,natural organic cotton fabrics,linen fabrics,modal fabrics and all new fiber which are good for both environment and human-being,our key value resides in the quality and service of textiles business as well as environmental protection.We work with designers,purchasers or individual owers directly.We understand the point of tension between lead times, production quantities and inventory,we keep good relationship with over 20 leading weaving & dyeing mills to assure the lead time and stable quality as well as competivie rates.In response, we offer flexible options designed to effectively manage these demands. Sampling is always processed before bulk order to ensure the fabric turns out be your expectation.Rooted in our core values, Senboo Textile is a company that is passionate about pursuing continuous improvement,being productive, acting with integrity, and engaging in stewardship.