The main production base of Everpower is located in Guangming new district, the total area of the workshop is about 20,000m2. Overall expand the domestic production lines. Ever Power never stops.EverPower has covered many kinds of products at present, such as machine repair tools, automobile maintenance tools, building decoration tools, electronic and electrical tools, and safety protection products. It provided customers with more than 2500 specifications of products, which are widely used in various industrial manufacturing production line assembly, mechanical equipment maintenance and repair, electronic and telecommunications professional fields, household decoration fields and automotive beauty maintenance field. And it can provide corresponding continuous improvement solutions for the complete series of tools of manufacturing and maintenance industry for customers.In 2015, the general headquarters of EverPower Brand moved to Shenzhen, a city of great innovation in China, and re-strategically planned the China’s market.In March 2016, Ever Power is located in Guangming new district of Shenzhen, about 20,000m2 self-owned property plant has been renovated, it will soon become new brand headquarters and logistics base of Ever Power.In May 2016, Ever Power established a jack production base in Zhejiang, which is dedicated to becoming a solution provider for systematic scheme of professional hydraulic and lifting tools in China’s industrial application field.In October 2016, Ever Power launched the “flattening” market strategy and established the Shanghai Branch of Shenzhen EverPower. It will provide door-to-door sales and after-sales services for distributors in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and the surrounding areas.In March 2017, EverPower and Shanghai tool research institute signed a three-year strategic cooperation agreement, they planned to establish a product quality system and product testing center, to provide multiple guarantees for the stable quality.”Making tool enjoyment”, it’s the brand concept of Everpower. It contains two meanings:– Making the tool itself enjoyment. Everpower delivers the enjoyment of manufacturing during the entire process of researching and producing.– Making the using of tool enjoyment. By using the excellent tools, Everpower hopes pass happiness to end customers through distributors.Everpower commits itself to implement the core value from the inner-enterprise to partners and end customers, delivering it’s brand concept “making tool enjoyment”. We hope we can get customers’ approval based on their needs, fix on the problems that customers haven’t solved or help customers build better using habit.Everpower’s brand core value can be summarized as three words: Profession, Progress and Sharing.Profession is the fundamental of hand tools brand to survive. Everpower devotes itself to penetrate the profession to every details, looking for and attracting the most professional suppliers, passing its professional value and concept to distributors and and delivering the professional value and concept to every end customer of Everpower by distributors;Progress is the fundamental of hand tools brand to develop. Everpower is willing to learn the merits from all brands, not only the partners in the same field but also the outstanding ones in other fields, and to get lessons from the failure cases from them;Sharing is the fundamental of hand tools brand to become stronger. Everpower sticks to communicating with distributors without obstacles and make the end customers feel Everpower’s passion to the tools under the support of distributors. Everpower commits itself to implement the core value from the inner-enterprise to partners and end customers, delivering Everpower’s brand concept;