Shenzhen FuTian District KingPhone Apple Communication Firm has founded in 1998, It is a high-tech enterprise, which has been approved by Shenzhen government and has registered in Shenzhen Administration of Industry and Commerce. We are mainly engaged in the digital product development, production and marketing. We have developed three major divisions: Diamond Department, Sales Department and Mold Development Factory.Our Diamond Department provides unique, luxurious, distinctive and fashionable limited edition mobile phones which extraordinarily show the distinguished status. Using the best jewelry technology combined with the latest digital technology, we customize the unique diamond mobile phones for customers. The mobile phone case inlayed with diamond can be replaced for the same pattern mobile phone at will, which is flexible and convenient. We have developed luxury, case, accessory for Nokia 8800A and iPhone 4/4s, We continue to research and development, and now the latest iphoneX has been launched. which areinlayed with diamond or Swarovski crystal.Sales Department – “Diamond Store” specializes in the sale of case, accessory for iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia etc, which are inlayed with diamond, series of leather protection kits for brand mobile phones, distinctive and portable back tags, and IP value-added accessories such as card tags, protection films and others.We have first-class human resources and factory with advanced production equipment, and associate with a number of domestic experienced experts and scholars in the scientific research field of titanium metals, to carry out technology development. We have accumulated years of experience in titanium and titanium alloy punching, stretching, forging, casting and surface treatment processes. With processing technology, we have made full use of a variety of technology to develop titanium products which are demanded by customers. Our company can provide technical consultancy, design and a series of supporting services in various types of titanium alloy products, and can develop and customize various types of titanium alloy products according to the sample or picture provided by customers.Providing the best product is our purpose. We are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign friends sincerely, expecting to negotiate business with you by phone or face to face. We have the most sincere service to build a better future with you.