Shenzhen Hot Trade Co., Ltd is a professional international trading company,our business projects involves most of industries , we have 8 years of professional experience in export. Our main products are : Electronics Sunglass Electronics accessories balance scooter UAV unmanned plane Phone clothes customize Sunglass Handbags etc… We have a professional product design team and production line.Also work closely with more than 20 factories, with the most powerful domestic transportation shipping companies have close relations of cooperation.This makes us have an advantage in the export sector and it also boosted our energy all the time. We can meet any needs of clients, including the price of the product, quality, and transportation and after-sale.So all of our customers are very satisfied with our service , and they are keeping cooperation with us for a long time .We are a professional foreign trade team.Our goal is to help people in the world to get the products with best quality and real factory price . please feel free to contact our manager.thank you so much !