Shenzhen Keeper Cloud Power Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative and professional smart home product manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.We have a wealth of smart home products (WiFi or ZigBee), including: smart switches (light switch, no neutral switch, curtain switch, scene switch, wireless scene switch, remote control switch), smart doorbell, solar camera, NVR, smart IR, smart sockets, smart sensors, smart gateways, etc. All products are Power By Tuya.The product supports mobile A P P control, and also supports Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, Yandex Alice voice control.Products are widely used in family life, office and real estate projects.Our products have passed C E, F C C, and RoHS certifications, and the products have undergone aging tests to ensure quality.We have a professional team of engineers, a young and efficient innovation team, and innovative design of reliable products. We have attracted customers from all over the world and exported to many countries, including: Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa, which have been unanimously praised. We provide professional O E M customization services to quickly customize your branded products for you, provide personalized icon customization, and make each product unique. We also provide O D M project services, customize different functions, and change communication protocols.Looking forward to your contact and cooperation, thank you.