Shenzhen Lithtech Energy Co., Ltd. Is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in R&D and marketing of Lithium rechargeable battery products. With technical creativity and scientific management, Lithtech has established a first class team of engineers, designers, R&D innovators, product managers, quality assurance and sales/customer service. Which are fully engaged in research & development,production and sales on high quality lithium batteries ,We also provide the full services of customized battery products,including battery design,development,selection cells and BMS,Charger,We serve a full range of battery solution and one-stop shopping resources for customers.That’s why more and more people know Lithtech Energy at home and abroad.Our Lithium battery products are widely used in UPS backup\Telecom towers\Solar energy storage system\electric vehicles\AGV\Golf-cart\Street-cleaner\electric-motorcycle\solar street light\and electric tools etc.As we all known, Lithium battery is the most widely used battery cell in the electronic industry. it’s light weight ,environmental, long cycle life , so It would be the good replacement for lead-acid battery, Lithtech provides what you need.As one of the fast growing companies of the experienced battery assembly/battery pack Supplier in China. Lithtech is young, energetic and creative, we will continue to develop products with innovative ideas and breakthrough technologies in the future, We believe we can bring the world a better life quality by promoting Lithium battery technologies in all applications of our lives. New Life New Energy Welcome to Lithtech!