Shenzhen Minghui Advertising Design & Production Co., Ltd. is an advertising company specializing in body advertising and has 25 years of professional body advertising production experience. The company operates a site of 1,000 square meters, spacious and bright, the existing 15 sets of advanced machinery and equipment, the daily production capacity of 5,000 square feet, providing car body advertising design and approval of the installation of one-stop service. In the industry has a good reputation, 25 years of industry experience, has been the support and trust of many brands; especially for professional media advertising companies, brand service providers recognized. The Minghui people who are honest and trustworthy are professional in technology, fast in delivery time, responsible in maintenance, and keep their promises.Shenzhen Minghui Advertising Design & Production Co., Ltd. is authorized as an authorized manufacturer of Avery Vehicle Marking System in the United States. Its main business areas include: car body stickers, bus bars, container labels, aircraft foils, high-speed rails foils, ship yacht foils, magnetic car stickers, subway markings. Printing, roll up, door rack printing.Shenzhen Minghui Advertising Design & Production Co., Ltd. has served more than 3,000 companies such as BYD, Evergrande Real Estate, Dajiang UAV, SF Group, Coca Cola, Master Kong, Burger King, and China Railway Media.