The company was established in 2020 during the epidemic period.It was born in time, and obtained the national inspection certificateDIRECTORYof China ,CE of SGS and the EUA certification of DEKRA agency in Germany withinDIRECTORYone month. It gathered global resources and based in Shenzhen to provide personal protection products with science and technology as the core to the global market. With cutting-edge scientific and technological materials as the carrier, we have rapidly developed and produced clover olive brand protective masks to help the world fight against the new epidemic. And quickly get positive feedback from the market.Science and technology is the first productive force, with the 21st century cutting-edge science and technology as the carrier, the application of high-tech nano composite materials as the core, and providing comfortable and healthy protection products to the market is our own responsibility; on the way of research and development, we will develop new material mask solutions at the first time.