Shenzhen PULUZ Technology Limited . Established In 2002,.PULUZ office center and factory are located in Shenzhen, which has the “First Street Of Global Electronics”PULUZ with more than 18 years of experience in Camera Accessories research and production, is a Research ,Delvelopmet,Desigh,Sales team as a complete High-tech Production Enterprises.We offer Barcode Printing Service ,offer OEM Service ,offer DropShipping , offer Shopfiy API ….We offer oversea warehouses like US Warehoue , EU Warehoue , ES Warehouse ,DE Warehouse ,IT Warehouse , UK Warehouse ,CZ Warehouse , AU Warehouse , JPN Warehouse …..Door to door service , shipment within 24 hours and delivery in 2-8 days, Free Shipping , No Customs , Local Service , More convenient , More prompt ,More efficient , More business opportunities are here.