PST is located in Shenzhen, China. We are a large-scale professional manufacturer, integrating the R&D, manufacturing, developing, marketing and after-sales service of over 1000 kinds of security products, such as Tuya WiFi Home Automation System, Home Alarm System & Sensors, CCTV Surveillance Systems and Video Door Phones etc.All products manufactured and sold by PST are approved and certificated by FCC, CCC, CE, UL and RoHS. Because of advanced equipment, fruitful technical support, effective production line, good workmanship, strict quality control system and joint efforts from all staff and workers, PST has become one of the most professional and influential security product manufacturers in China. With more than ten years’ experience in this line, 90% products are sold to over 100 countries. So far we have already successfully developed more than 40 OEM products to PST customers. We are sure we will be your most credible supplier of security products in China. Our products are widely applicable for houses, enterprises, banks, schools, residential areas, supermarkets, hospitals, libraries, parking lots, hotels, recreational areas and cars. We warmly welcome you to join us. We are here just for you!