The company was founded in 2006, 15 years the company specializes in manufacturing and production: blood pressure monitors, nebulizers, fetal heart, hearing aids, blood oxygen meters, wrist blood pressure meters, infrared thermometers, body fats, electronic physiotherapy products, home health care products, electronic products, electronic software Research and development of medical device products production and sales, the company has obtained the United States F-D-A certification, CE, FCC, ISO, ROHS, SGS and other certification, the company’s existing production site 30,000 square, 20 production lines, has a complete and stable supply chain system, long-term for Europe and the United States and other overseas customers OEM/ ODM foundry manufacturing. If you have any needs can contact us, please leave your contact information so that we can get in touch with you quickly.Phone and Whats: +8613724176633