Shenzhen Tian Hai Da Hardware Stationery Co., Ltd. (Rebrand as Shenzhen Tian Hua Da Hardware Stationery, referred as THD.) established in 2002 in Shenzhen, China. It is a renowned wholesale hardware stationery company. Our business philosophy is ‘Providing the finest quality products and excellence customer service’. It is a company which explores and adapts customer needs to supply high quality and innovative products.Company provides a huge verity of products such as Scissors series which includes the types for office, factory, family, school, garden and much other use. Knife series includes utility knife, crafting knife, blades and custom-made blades for special shapes. Tape measures in the range of 1 meter to 100 meters. THD also provides stainless steel ruler and caliper rulers in different sizes. Furthermore there are many minor hardware items such as key chain, clipper, screw driver, locks, tally counters, compass and so on.Branch offices of THD have been established all around China. For many years there are buyers from more than 10 different countries have developed a long term business relationship with the Company. We are proud of our excellence customer services and products for international trade. It is our goal and ambition to pursuit a better business future for both our clients and THD. Skill