Shenzhen Tuoqi Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. is based on Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, independent research and development, and is committed to the research and development, manufacturing and manufacturing of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes, household water purifiers, industrial pure water equipment and ultra-pure water equipment. A national high-tech enterprise integrating marketing and sales. Purification treatment is mainly for the water source required by our customers. The company mainly provides: household water purifiers, automatic large-scale ultrafiltration equipment, automatic pretreatment machines, automatic softeners, automatic RO reverse osmosis systems, ion exchange mixed beds, polishing mixed beds, EDI electric desalination system devices, Water treatment equipment and engineering and various wastewater reuse equipment process design, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction and post-maintenance complete solutions, as well as sales of related water treatment equipment accessories and consumables. The company regards technology, quality and service as the foundation of enterprise survival, and strives to provide strong water support for customers’ life and production needs, and realize the sustainable development and utilization of water resources. The company has advanced water treatment technology and a complete service system. The application of its products has been widely involved in solar photovoltaic, flat panel display, optical optoelectronics, bio-pharmaceutical, electronic semiconductor, surface treatment, food and beverage, ship mooring and other industries. It is sold in China, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East and other regions and countries. It has been widely used in residential water, food and beverage, chemical, steel, power, shipbuilding and construction industries, and has contributed to the recycling of local water resources, clean water supply and discharge of wastewater.”Keep improving, efficient and dedicated” is our corporate spirit. The company adheres to the concept of “Integrity First, Customer First”, and long-term adherence to the quality policy of “Paying attention to details and focusing on quality”, and regards satisfying customer needs as the core of corporate activities. Faced with the needs of every customer, the company will be dedicated to solving various water treatment problems for you with accurate data design, strict quality control equipment manufacturing, fast and professional installation and commissioning, and thoughtful and timely after-sales service.Shenzhen Tuoqi Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. believes that technological innovation is the driving force for enterprise development, honesty and trustworthiness is the foundation of the enterprise, and it is the responsibility and mission of the enterprise to improve the environment and serve the society. We expect to provide customers with better services and create a pure and pollution-free living environment for the world through unremitting efforts!