Super-Shape Group consists of three high level professional manufacturers operating in different regions of China. Super-Shape Anti Slip Mat Co., a subsidiary of Super-Shape Group, is an American-Chinese Joint Venture located in Dongguan, Guangdong, and manufactures a wide assortment of PVC coated textile products including carpets, rugs and hardwood underlayments, anti-slip houseware, and non-slip hardware. Due to efficient high volume production and world-class quality standards, Super-Shape Anti-Slip Mat Co. has become a leading supplier to North American market and is able to provide superiorly valued and priced products to customers from over 40 countries worldwide.Wunder-Shape Textile Corporation (WTC) is a Joint Venture located in Shanghai and operated by Super-Shape Anti-slip Mat Co. and Gebr. Wunderlich Gmbh & Co. KG of Osterode Germany. WTC enjoys state-of-the-art German equipment and technology used for the production of PVC, Latex and EVA coated textile products including all types of protective and safety mats and pads used for a wide variety of household and industrial applications. WTC produces extremely high quality products specifically designed and manufactured to meet the stringent environmental, quality and safety requirements of the European Union. Moreover, WTC supplies products to nearly all main European retail chains and wholesale distributors as well as many other customers throughout Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia.Super-shape Bamboo Flooring Co., Ltd., also a branch of Super-Shape Group, is an American-Chinese Joint Venture located among the lush forested mountains of Jiangxi Province in inland China. Thanks to abundant rainfall and a temperate climate ideal for bamboo growth, this area produces some the fastest growing and highest quality bamboo found anywhere in the world. Super-Shape Bamboo is harvested from carefully managed timber, using modern methods of sustainability and renewable resource management. All harvesting is done by local farmers and their families who have lived and farmed bamboo in these mountains for generations. The bamboo materials are processed locally at the forest site and converted into finished flooring in an energy efficient production system that uses virtually no Petrochemicals or other carbon intensive energy sources. The final products rival traditional hardwood flooring for beauty and durability, but with a small fraction of the environmental impact.Super-Shape International (SSI), a subsidiary of Super-Shape Group is a full service ‘Supply Chain Management Company’ with offices in Shenzhen and Ningbo offering turn-key Supply, Sourcing and Quality Control solutions to leading distributors, wholesalers and retailers of plumbing, electrical, hardware and floor care products in the USA and over 50 other countries around the world. SSI offers an extremely complete set of vendor management support services including all forms of product development, tooling, manufacturing, consolidation, packaging, shipping and export logistics. Super-Shape Group manufactures a broad range of coated textile and floor care products and manages contract manufacturing of several thousand items for the plumbing electrical and hardware industry worldwide. We invite our current and future customers to join with us in strong and long-term partnerships with the express goal of building business, partnership and cooperative success.