Superhouse (Jiangsu) Windows System LLC ,the expert of window and door systems, which is famous for excellent quality and first-class brand.The company is located in Jiangsu province,the double glazing enterprise in China, which is integrated with R&D,production and sale and enjoys reputation in door and window industry because of innovative quality and exquisite workmanship.There are over 200 persons in our company that gets first SAI Global AS2047,CSA and other authoritative certificates in China with 12000 square meters factory.To develop by quality,all products are exported to overseas and we produce 100000 square meters window in a year.We adhere to the high standard process of AS2047 and CSA and all raw materials are taken from high quality resources,meanwhile, European high-end window and door system are imported to produce.In order to achieve the effects of energy rating and sound insulation,we keep innovating and cooperate with Australia architects to research the exclusive SPA100 window and door system which has been widely used in Sydney,Melbourne and other Australia main cities.In order to take a place in North America market,we have got local certificates by 2 years’ product design and test.We not only seek to achieve the standard,but also exceed the standard.We have designed more than one mature window system to meet different building needs which include commercial and residential buildings.We have got remarkable results by passing AS4420,CSA101 standard.All products are exported to Australia,America and Canada and other developed countries,besides we’re determined to be the leader overseas sale.We have worked with Sydney Azuma and Intertek laboratory in the past 10 years.We’ll more focus on R&D,production,supply,and after-sale service in the future and will make efforts to creating safer,more durable and comfortable environments for clients with the concept of quality,keeping up with time and innovation.