Zhejiang Huangyan Gaobo Household Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of glass toys (including international chess and backgammon), glass crafts (including photo frames, jewellery boxes, floral arrangement bottles, candlesticks, and Christmas gifts), coasters, glass chopping blocks, wall glass mirrors and other kinds of toys. All our products are exported to the United States and European countries. Currently, our daily international chess output is 5,000 sets, and we are constantly developing new glass crafts.Sticking to the spirit of “market orientation, pioneering and innovative”, we are marching from one success to another. To meet the challenges and demands of markets, we can serve society and benefit people as ever by our endeavors in constantly developing and producing high quality glass products. With the aim of beautifying people’s living environments and creating clean, beautiful, safe and comfortable living conditions, we hope old and new customers of all walks of life can be our business partners.With the motto of “defective products are scraps”, we can establish a first-class enterprise with first-class products and quality, making contributions to society, human civilization and improvement of people’s physical living conditions.