Taizhou Harbor Security Technology Co., Ltd., located in Taizhou, a famous hometown of Fire Fighting Equipment in China, is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of ropes,radar and emergency rescue equipment. Our company integrates design, development, production and sales. In the field of industry, we are professional, conscientious and responsible.Taizhou Harbor Security Technology Co., Ltd. has a professional production and research team with exquisite technology and strong power, advanced production equipment and Perfect testing method, strict production process in accordance with the requirements of quality management system, Strict quality Control, actively promote the ISO 9001 management system to reach a new level of quality management. Enterprises are people-oriented, attach importance to the quality of staff training, constantly increase investment in science and technology, market-oriented, and constantly develop products that meet market demand.According to the needs of users, the company provides product demonstration and demonstration services, answers customer questions, and provides free technical services and after-sales maintenance for products sold .Quality Reliability Trust Our products are as tested and proven as worldwide customers who use them everyday .We are proud of our commitment to customers service and welcome the opportunity to serve you .We offer customers on a wide range of products ,including :climbing rope , Ground Penetrating Radar, Emergency Wall through Radar, Radar Life Detector , Safety Rope, Five sets of emergency rescue, Inflatable Tent, Fire engine, Inflator, Inflatable Explosion-proof Tank, Water Rescue Equipment, Fire Water Gun,Fire hose,Fire hose interface, Fire Extinguishing Agent and other Emergency Rescue Equipment.