Company Profile WUXI CUCCY MOTOR TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is originated from its initial named CUCCI VEHICLE GROUP set up earlier in 1998. Now we use our brand ‘CUCCY’ to name our company. CUCCY takes the leading role in special e-vehicle development. Its main biz is composed of producing and selling gas scooter, e-scooter, e-motorcycle, e-bike & e-tricycle, and tricycle,and motorcycle,gas moped & electro-motor. Gas scooter, motorcycle & gasoline tricycle. Annual sale output is over 350,000 – 500,000 units. Compared with most e-vehicle suppliers, we pay much more attention to testing & inspecting each unit of finished products. Meanwhile, we are experienced in designing and producing special technical standards of the orders, targeted at different countries. Each country has its different road condition, thus causes the quality standards to different markets are not the same. We are more skilled with researching different markets, thus the products aimed at different markets are more professional & more suitable and more durable. Our last advantage is that we are able to offer our dealers more professional after-sales services, which help our clients to expand their biz bigger than expected. Our technical service team will offer you a good help if you work with us. Technical Sales Service:1- We can advise you to choose the parts most needed in the your sales. 2- Our professional technical team can answer you the possible technical problems you will meet with.3- For each parts, we give one year warranty, 4- We can offer you assorted technical supports in the process of your sales or your building up an assembly plant in the future..